It all started with a spiral notebook and a pen. I had been baking cookies for years, giving them away to family and friends at Christmas and the comments were always the same, “You should sell these, they are that good!”, “Your cookies brought back some great memories of my grandmother as they reminded me of her old-fashioned chewy cookies.”

I knew my cookies were different - the ingredients are the same, but the cookie is completely different - brown and crispy on the outside and the inside is a cross between a cookie and a cake. Our chocolate chip cookies are loaded with soft gooey chocolate chips that melt in your mouth. We expanded on the chocolate chip flavor by making some with hot fudge in the center and some with caramel and sea salt on top.

My wife Lynn and I tested the market one day by giving out a free cookie to anyone who “liked” a friend’s new business Facebook page. Soon no one cared about Facebook, they just wanted to know where they could find these magnificent cookies. The test was a success!

So, Lynn bought a spiral notebook and wrote Mitch’s Cookies on the cover and Mitch’s Cookies was born. Since 2013 we have been creating different types of cookies with over 50 gourmet creations to date. We actually have a waiting list for someone to become an official Mitch’s Cookies’ taste tester. In addition to selling them in our shop, we ship all over the country. We also offer private label gift options.

In 2016, Lynn and I developed our first old school drugstore soda fountain shop and Mitch’s Cookies Dessert and Ice Cream Bar was born! Our concept includes an authentic Stanley Knight soda fountain, twirling stools, a 1929 cash register, and black and white sitcoms on the television. Our motto is “Take a step back in time and make new old-fashioned memories!”

Our goal is to create an environment appealing to all walks of life. We make our Malted Milk shakes on the old green 1950’s Hamilton Beach mixers, Mitch’s Cookie Sundaes are a huge treat, and our A&W Root Beer Float is a favorite.

Lynn and I and our staff will always strive to provide a quality product and impeccable service! Whether you order our gourmet cookies and have them shipped wherever you are, or you visit our Dessert and Ice Cream Bar located in Naples Florida and Winnetka, Illinois; we look forward to serving you soon!

- Mitch and Lynn